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Cryptic Street

According to Toni Sant, Cryptic Street is ‘A new all-girl pop rock group on the local music scene will certainly go a long way to diffusing the testosterone saturated environment.’

Cryptic Street is a band, made up of five members (Leona Farrugia – vocalist, Janelle Borg – guitarist, Julia Hickey – Drummer, Denise Gilford – Keyboardist & Cheyenne Belle Xuereb – Bassist) who simply love experimenting with different instruments and listening to all genres of music. One probably wouldn’t be able to pin a specific genre to their sound since it is incorporates modern rock elements, with a splash of electronica and experimental, alternative rock.

The lyrics portray peculiar motifs such as the modern obsession on technology and data protection, humans’ vulnerability when faced with pressure, time’s reign over the modern man; themes of how society wants everyone to conform to its norms and how different people from different sections of society are engulfed in sheer loneliness. The usage of Maltese language in some of the songs contributes to their style.

The five-track EP will be released during an event which will be held at Palazzo De La Salle (Valletta, Malta)on the 21st of August 2015. For updates and information on how to purchase tickets, those interested can visit the band’s social media platforms.The event will incorporate artists from different forms of art, such as photography and paintings, as well as poetry.

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