Lubay [read: Lub-I]

Earthling, migrant, musician, filmmaker, writer, translator, video-haikuist.

Born in Poland, grown up in Austria, living in Malta.

Creatively active since mid 80s by manual, conceptual and emotional interaction with the other world via diverse media: word, sound and visual arts.

While living in Malta, Lubay has stamped his credits on numerous visual and musical projects, e.g. TV-series, theatrical trailers, music-videos, live performances [Lubay Dub System] & Dj sets (affiliated with leading musical collectives, like: Bass Culture and Rootz Island).

Lubay can be seen performing in two different setups:

Lubay Dub System is a live, improvised PA-act, where Lubay, using his hardware instruments and mixing techniques is accompanied by a vocalist (and/or brass player). You may have experience it at Earth Garden or Malta Street Art Festival.

Irie Welcome Sound was primarily set up as a collective by Lubay & Maya Lu, presenting reggae music in a Jamaican sound system (dee-jay/toasting) style – currently solo project.

Although primarily associated with reggae & dub (being ranked into Top 5 reggae personalities in Poland isn’t easy to get off that label…), Lubay’s creative spectrum expands far beyond these areas. Lubay is also known for his experimental video-works, called video-haiku and live musical projects spreading from minimal electronica, free jazz up to afrobeat and beyond.

You can see him behind decks, hardware sound devices, guitars or keyboards – whenever you face him, you will witness the very moment of pristine passion within.

Lubay releases his music almost entirely under own home+soul label (20+ releases) since 1995. Other releases include: Universal, Pomaton EMI, Laif, Karrot Kommando. Lubay has also produced several remixes for a number of international artists (incl. dubwise remix for local ska legends, The Rifffs).






Lubay Dub System feat. James Tyrrell

Irie Welcome Sound feat. Reggaenerator