batti batti maltese music record label

Batti Batti

Vinyl label from Malta with the aim of releasing music with content. Be it deep house or perhaps techno, Batti Batti is a collective of artists who share the love of deepness and are highly inspired the early sounds of Detroit and Chicago.

Distributed by Juno

BBR11 – Owen Jay & Melchior Sultana – Contrasts (The Deep Explorer Remixes)

Owen Jay & Melchior Sultana’s track Contrasts featuring singer Mykle Anthony which was originally released on BBR07 on Kiss The Sun EP receives the remix treatment from the Spanish Brothers, Dubbyman & Above Smoke. Both tracks have the distinct Deep Explorer Sound of real depth and warm grooves. This is the first vinyl from a forthcoming series of 10″.

BBR12 – Nino – Odysseia EP

Nino delivers his first well-deserved solo EP on Batti Batti. Originally from Bosnia, but based in Brussels (Belgium), Nino’s tracks have always been a perfect representation of a purely deep underground sound. Starting off with a soothing piece of ambience to set the mood , Odysseia EP is aimed for club use and hence depicts Nino’s evolving style yet maintaining his secretive and atmospheric element as a common factor.

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