Janelle Borg    April 12, 2019

4 free ways local artists can grow their fanbase

You’ve created some new tracks. Great! You’ve rehearsed and rehearsed with the hopes of performing live. Awesome! Now it’s time to grow your fanbase and get your music out there! Here are 4 tips on how you can do so.


Create an artist social media page

Creating an artist page on social media is completely free. It’s an accessible platform that can be used to share new material, invite friends to like your page, share your page on different social media music groups, promote your upcoming events and all in all make yourself known in the online world.

Organize a live show

Organizing a live show in Malta is a DIY affair. Contact other local artists, and organize a show with multiple artists on the bill, so that all of you can benefit from each other’s audience. Choose a suitable live venue for your set-up and check the local gig calendar so as to make sure that your show doesn’t clash with other live shows happening on that day.

Support a more popular artist

A great way how you can increase your fanbase is to support a more popular artist. Introduce yourself to that artist via mutual contacts, and don’t hesitate to ask if they have some shows coming up and if they’re looking for supports.

Become a regular at jamming sessions

Malta is full of jamming sessions in summer. Jamming sessions are a great way to connect with other musicians but also serve as a networking space to get to know other creatives and the people who are active in Malta’s music scene.


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