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5 reasons why you should start music lessons

You love music; you love listening to music, you love going to gigs and parties but you feel this isn’t enough. You don’t just want to listen to music, you want to make it. But perhaps your busy lifestyle and endless commitments don’t leave much room for practice. Or, your sense of insecurity and fear of failure is as strong as your desire to play music. You love music so much that you don’t want to ruin it by playing badly, right? In this blog, we’ll go over the top 5 reasons which will hopefully help you break through these barriers and encourage you to enroll into a music school to start taking music lessons.

You’ll develop your brain

Music has been an integral part of culture for centuries. Music has been shown to have a variety of beneficial effects on people, from putting people in a calmer and more relaxed state, reducing stress, to improving intelligence. People who learn to play a music instrument showcase statistically more developed perceptions and psychophysical capabilities, including improved memory and ability to focus! To elaborate more, music training is believed to be far superior to computer instruction and enhances abstract reasoning skills, which are necessary for maths and science. Practicing music during music lessons and at home also improves motor skills such as hand and arm movement and co-ordination.

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You’ll have fun and feel less stressed

Music practice is known to relieve stress, just like most activities you enjoy. Music lessons and the act of playing itself take your mind off everyday stresses and lets you drift off into a world of your own. Playing music enhances your self-awareness and sense of accomplishment, thus making you feel more positive and fulfilled, which in turns improves your quality of life as you learn a new skill.


You’ll learn a new language

Music is a universal language, understood by everybody. In reality there isn’t a big difference between learning a spoken language and learning music. Indeed, people who take up on music are actually more likely to become fluent in a second language. On the same premise, music lessons help people with autism and dyslexia, as it facilitates their brains to focus on sound and processes information in different areas, including speech and attention management.

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You’ll boost your self-esteem

Playing music acts as a social glue that connects different cultures, ideas, and perspectives. Music introduces you to many like-minded artists and music fans, sharing incredible experiences. Thus, when you find yourself in unfamiliar situation, you can always use your ability to play music to get to know those around you, and establish connections that may have been impossible to create otherwise. Playing music therefore allows you to handle anxious situations well, which in turn helps boost your self-esteem and become more assertive.


You’ll be happier!

All the health and mental benefits of playing music aside, you should learn to play because it’s something YOU enjoy doing! Think about the music you would like to create and get creative! Creating your own music is a fun and exciting experience, and with today’s technology advances, the possibilities are endless. Let’s face it, unless you’ve started already, music is a skill you’d like to develop, cause’ you wouldn’t be reading this if it didn’t. So get cracking!

At our music school we offer a range of music courses including guitar lessons, drums, piano lessons as well as music production and DJing courses. Contact us now to start your music lessons!

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