Trackage Scheme    December 23, 2016

A is for Artists

We endorse a multitude of artists across several genres, including bands, producers, and DJs.

To us at Trackage Scheme, artists are essential; our core. They are the reason why we even exist. According to survey by NSO from 2014-2015, there are 10% of Maltese citizens playing a musical instrument, with another 7% singing or dancing. 

We recognise a great deal of talented people are trying to find their own place under the sun in Malta. Trackage Scheme’s main purpose is to help these talented individuals do so, no matter what kind of music they are producing, as long as it’s original and of high calibre.

Currently, we support over 70 different musicians, bands and DJs and we’re continuously looking for fresh talent. Have a look at their profiles at our website under the Artists page. We are grateful that we could repeatedly entertain hundreds of attendees at our own events and we’re happy to support other promoters on the Maltese islands.

Our main mission is to identify, support and promote and all quality local musicians to help them gain international credibility, which they so rightfully deserve. Amen.

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