Trackage Scheme    August 28, 2015

TS’ Rooftop Live Sessions

It’s a wrap! Last Wednesday 26th August was extra special, bringing the 3 months of awesome Rooftop Live Sessions to beautiful close!

These sessions showcased an eclectic selection of artists, bands and styles of local musical talent. The positive feedback we received on a weekly basis confirms that Malta needs this – bands and artists need opportunity and space to perform and music enthusiasts need something different, something to look forward to.

These nights also shed light on the importance and power of the Trackage Scheme community – along with the usual crowd, we saw new faces and made many new friends every single Wednesday. It’s truly encouraging to see people from so many different walks of life, with so many different tastes in music come together to support the same cause.

We’re totally over the moon about this and can’t thank YOU, the Trackage Scheme followers, enough. We love you, seriously we do. Stay tuned for our upcoming activities, including Trackage Scheme’s Electronic Voyage which will be held at Avalon Club, Birżebbuġa on Monday 7th September (eve of a public holiday).

If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the promo video – it’s pretty awesome 🙂

Here are a few shots from the live sessions and a shout out to the performers!

Hey Sus | Massacre House Party | The Shh | Lucy’s Last | Jane Doe | Stalko | Falcon’s Flying Circus | The Busker | Brodu | Fuzzhoneys | CRUX – Official | Jurgen | Carl Lautier | Fabricka | Luke Duncan

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