Jeanine Rodgers Scerri    September 19, 2023

Alberto Tolo Takes Control: Secure Tickets to a Power-Packed Techno Night

If you’re a true techno enthusiast, mark your calendars for September 22nd. Cat Events and Liquid Club Malta are set to ignite a power-packed night of heart-pounding beats and pulsating rhythms. Headlining this event is the Italian maestro, Alberto Tolo, who has a phenomenal musical journey within the techno world.


The man of the hour: Alberto Tolo 

Alberto Tolo, is a DJ and producer from Padua, Italy. He embarked on his musical odyssey in the early 2000s, crafting his unique sound. In 2006, he released his debut EP, setting the stage for a fulfilling career in the world of electronic music.


Alberto Tolo with a copy of one of his collaborative projects with Float Records and Marron
Image courtesy of Alberto Tolo’s Instagram


Tolo’s talent caught the attention of the industry, leading to the release of EPs on renowned labels such as SCI+TEC. His sonic evolution took an intriguing turn as he delved into raw, hard groove, influenced by the tracks that shaped his youth in the early 2000s. This transformation was followed by a series of chart-topping releases on labels like KD RAW, Different Sounds, Reflekt, and his own signature ALT.


The Lineup

Here’s how the night will unfold:

22:00-00:00 – OBLX

00:00-02:00 – PATIENT

02:00-04:00 – ALBERTO TOLO


Liquid Club Malta is the place to be on September 22nd if you’re craving an immersive techno experience. After a long week of work, sometimes all it takes is one good night out on the dancefloor to feel recharged again. Now’s the time to secure your tickets and get excited to lose yourself in the mesmerizing sounds of Alberto Tolo alongside local Maltese talent. 


Alberto Tolo event poster
Image courtesy of Cat Events



Date: September 22nd 9pm-4am

Venue: Liquid Club, San Gwann

Tickets: €10-€15

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