Ramona Depares

Tazza te and some vintage clubbing

Malta, circa 1987: Ċikkulata Catch, ftira bis-sunflower oil and 8am mass. Also Malta, circa 1987: Mohawks, ghetto blasters by the Triton Fountain and smoking weed at MaltaSajf. The glorious contradictions...

Ramona Depares

On Pique, or Why I only Support My Friends

The culture of extreme factioning and polar opposites is deeply ingrained in our way of life. We have two main political parties, each faction constantly contradicting the other. When it...

Ramona Depares

Music for the robot generation

The past few years have seen the non-mainstream music scene in Malta grow exponentially. Gigs are more regular and better attended; more and more festivals – including national ones –have...

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