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5 Questions with Brikkuni’s Mario Vella

Brikkuni need no introduction. Safe to say that they are one of Malta’s most beloved alternative acts. With their unique take on the Maltese language, introspective and spellbinding lyrical content, and an equally captivating and controversial frontman – Mario Vella, Brikkuni have, time and time again, proved that they are here to stay. That is why it was a natural decision to interview him, when, in an almost covert and subversive manner, he announced that Brikkuni were recording some new tracks. Here’s our chat with the man himself!

Hi Mario! When we saw online that Brikkuni were recording new music, we couldn’t help but look forward to the new material! What can you tell us about the music that you’ve been recording?

Shit's gettin' real

Publiée par BRIKKUNI sur Lundi 11 février 2019

It’s pretty bleak for starters but not as bleak as our last effort. It is also rather uneven musically since some tracks sound drastically different. There are a couple of uptempo numbers, some Americana, an 80’s inspired ballad and what not. In fact I dunno yet which song is going to make it in the (as yet unfinished) album. We might release a batch of ten and then release further tunes as standalone tracks. Still mulling things over though. There’s no particular rush.

Were there any particular occurrences and themes that, directly or indirectly, served as inspiration for the new material?

Whatever affected me over the past couple of years is pretty much in there. My father’s passing, environmental concerns, failed romances, adultery. I’ve been through a splendid and rather productive midlife crisis.

What do you consider as the highlight of Brikkuni’s career so far?

Publiée par BRIKKUNI sur Mercredi 21 décembre 2016

Considering the amount of adversity I seem to generate, I’d say still producing music and managing to rope in audiences after 12 years is our major feat.

As an individual who has been an active participant in Malta’s music scene for quite some time, which components, in your opinion, plague the scene from flourishing further, and which elements do you feel have significantly improved in the last couple of years?

Misplaced ambition, lack of honesty and defeatism are our Achilles heel. It wouldn’t be bad for everyone concerned if bands were to spend more time honing their sound and tunes and less time posing for photo-shoots. Critical thinking is also sorely missing. I would also like to mention our near complete ignorance of context. There is hardly any spiritual reconciliation between the creator and the creation. Now for positives. There are way more accomplished musicians doing the rounds and the quality of songwriting, recording and videography has improved by leaps and bounds.

Any upcoming plans for the rest of 2019?

Awesome show!

Publiée par Inigo Taylor sur Lundi 29 août 2016

Record, record, record and perhaps shoot a video or two. Here’s hoping we’ll manage to squeeze a couple of gigs in between……and a photoshoot as well hah.

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