Jeanine Rodgers Scerri    December 18, 2023

Bringing the Spirit of Macedonia to the Island, Live Event at Storeroom

A night with The Spirit of Macedonia 

The Spirit of Macedonia is an authentic band bringing an evening of cultural celebration and musical exploration of the sounds of North Macedonia through traditional instruments such as the accordion and acoustic guitar. 


The Spirit of Macedonia Live at Storeroom 2023 Poster
Image courtesy of Storeroom


You can expect soul-stirring melodies that echo the cultural heartbeat of North Macedonia, brought to life with an authentic flair that promises to transport you to the heart of this remarkable musical tradition. 


While Malta has a strong Macedonian community, we have not been fortunate enough to experience much traditional music from this region, so make sure you take advantage of this event. The Spirit of Macedonia seems to have no social media presence, therefore making an event like this even more exciting as we don’t know where or when they will be performing again in the near future. 


The Venue

Storeroom events have become a favorite amongst the music community in Malta. This is because of the versatility and diverse amount of events they bring to their bar, allowing the community to come together and experience music from all around the globe, and enjoy a varied amount of genres. Its affordable and unique drinks along with being in a prime central location are added bonuses to this venue. 


Tickets and Details

The event will take place on Wednesday 20th at Storeroom in Ta’ Xbiex from 8 pm till 11 pm. Tickets are currently on sale for €5, but space is limited so make sure you grab your tickets now to avoid disappointment. 

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