Trackage Scheme    March 8, 2018

Cain’s Record Project with Rachel Fenech

When I first started this project, I wanted the first candidates to be the people behind Trackage Scheme themselves. For those of you who have just came across it, Trackage Scheme is a local platform for local artists to show case their work, it is also an events calendar and service platform for artists and event organisers happening on the island and the people behind it are Ben & Rachel.

Until a few years ago, I had only known Rachel by sight as she was, and still is, a regular at Liquid Club and it was when I was asked to do an interview for Trackage Scheme in 2014 that I had actually introduced myself, and we’ve been friends ever since. We’ve also worked together in an event a few years back, as she’s a designer.

It’s quite interesting to see Rachel’s choices, coming from a design perspective. To my understanding Rachel’s picks were diverse, ranging from names of resemblance to appreciation of art as well as nostalgia.

Here are 3 records of note:

“John Williams – E.T. OST” – Growing up as a child I used to look forward to watching this movie on TV every now and again. You would then talk it over with your friends at school the next morning. Rachel seemed to share the same nostalgia and enthusiasm for this Spielberg film. This was the first ever science fiction movie I had ever seen and I think many can relate to this.

“John Williams - E.T. OST”

“Coil – The New Backwards” – Rachel went straight for the gold with this record. In fact, this record was still sealed. I bought this record as I’m really into Coil’s work. This album includes the track titled “Careful what you wish for” – This is one of the very few tracks which I’ve played more than once since I’ve started opening nights at Liquid club more frequently. Rachel chose this record as there was a name of resemblance for her in the credits, which is “Trent Reznor”. For those who are not familiar with the name, Trent forms a part of the group called Nine Inch Nails.

“Silent Servant – Negative Fascination” – This album by Silent Servant is what put Hospital Productions on the radar for me. This label is owned by Prurient a.k.a. Vatican Shadow. It releases some of the best industrial cuts you can get you hands on from the likes of Phase Fatal, Orphx, Ancient Methods to Vatican Shadow himself. There is also some nice Drone/ ambient stuff by Vatican Shadow under his Prurient alias.

“Silent Servant – Negative Fascination”

Anyway, that’s enough chit-chat for the time being. Now it’s time to listen to the set 😉



Francois X – Time
John Williams – Three Million Lightyears from Earth
Silent Servant – A Path Eternal
Monoloc – Revive
Coil – Copacaballa
Answer Code Request – Ghostes
DJ Surgeles – The Meeting / The Dream / Taken Away
Etapp Kyle – Source
Reeko w/ Architectural – Sex on Kleper
Jared Wilson – Jared Wilson – Detroit Tracks 1 (Analog Mix)
Dax J – Infinate Abyss
Planetary Assault Systems – Lazer Organical
Surgeon – Zilla
Bleaching Agent – Static Renegade
Cannibal Cooking Club – Longpigchef (Bill Youngman Remix)

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