Jeanine Rodgers Scerri    December 26, 2023

Celebrating the Freedom of Authentic Musical Expression with Music Playground

Live music is one of the most sought-after doses of dopamine people look for. On the island, we have talented musicians who form part of bands that play all around Malta. 


However, the true magic happens when these musicians from different backgrounds come together to simply jam it out and improvise alongside other talented individuals.


Music Playground 2022
Image courtesy of Music Playground

Music Playground – The island’s musical community 

Enter Music Playground is an organization aimed to bring together the island’s musical community for conscious events. They focus on celebrating artistic freedom and raw expression through the power of music alongside the talented musicians who live on the island and the passionate music playground team. 


You might have run into Music Playground in several events and festivals, such as community events and jam outs and Tigullio, dedicated music playground stage at Earth Garden, Bubble, and others. 


Music Playground stage at Earth Garden 2023
Image Courtesy of Earth Garden


One Last 2023 Celebration 

There’s something magical about watching a bunch of musicians who have never played together before, get on stage and start to jam out and improvise their way into a funky and euphoric harmony. Nothing pre-planned, just raw talent and fun happening unfolding before your eyes. 


You can see this in front of your eyes one last time this year for Music Playground’s ‘Into The New Jam Era + Jam’. If a night of live rock bands and then live jamming for all musicians to join is something you think you want to experience, then head on down to Tigullio on the 30th of December and witness the best of our musical community come together and celebrate the beginning of a new era. 


Into the New Jam Era Music Playground Event 2023
Image courtesy of Music Playground


Join the Community

If you want to join the Music Playground community and want to experience them in full swing, head down to Tigullio on the 30th of December at 8.30 pm with an entrance fee of 10 euros. Remember to bring along your instruments if you’re looking to jam out with them at the end of the event!   

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