Trackage Scheme    March 27, 2017

Circuits: The First Ever Electronic Music Convention in Malta is back

For the second consecutive year, Electronic Music Malta in collaboration with the Fondazzjoni Kreattivita’ will be organising ‘Circuits’ – its yearly electronic music conference. This year this event will be held on the 1st of April 2017 at St James Cavalier and will feature a series of sessions, talks, workshops, demonstrations, an installation, an exposition and performances spanning from the early afternoon till late in the evening. This conference will be supported by the U.S. Embassy.

circuits - electronic music convention malta

This conference will consist of the following:

• The participation of the American renowned electronic music producer and modular synth maker Mark Verbos who will give a talk and a performance at the St James Cavalier Theatre. His performance will be supported by Maltese electronic music artists Yews and Sonitus Eco. The concert and talk will start at 8pm and will be held in the Theatre. Admission fee for this event will be EUR10.

circuits - electronic music convention malta

• The classic Acid House Machine – the Roland TB303 in ‘giant’ format will be installed and available all afternoon till the evening in the St James Cavalier Spot A (Atrium) – this is a project developed and presented by Ray Interactive from Scotland of which Maltese electronic music producer Danjeli forms part. This installation will be open to the public from 2pm onwards.

• 4 hours of talks, ‘Against the Clock’ live productions and discussions with the participation of Acidulant, Andrew Schembri, Clifford Borg, the EMM Committee, Jess Rymer, Luc Houtkamp, Mutex, Stephanie Fiteni and Synthesize will be held at Studio B. These events will be open to the public.

• A modular synth exposition setup by Serial Depth, Ed Blank and Owen Jay and the EMM membership information and merchandise area will be available in Studio

A. This area will also be open to the public.

Complete List of participants:

mark verbos circuits - electronic music convention malta

Mark Verbos, Ray Interactive, Acidulant, Andrew Schembri, Clifford Borg, Danjeli, Ed Blank, the EMM Committee, Owen Jay, Stephanie Fiteni, Sonitus Eco, Synthesize, Toni Gialanze and Yews.

This is the second activity organized this year by this organization which has now been active locally for almost 2 years. So far EMM has organized over 12 activities spanning film screenings, educational talks, performances, philanthropic events and networking sessions.

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