Trackage Scheme    April 24, 2017

CRUX release new single & music video, NSKY

CRUX are thrilled to announce the release of their latest single ‘NSKY’ from their debut album ‘Ego vs Ego’ available on all music platforms on the 24th of April 2016.

Ego vs Ego is a music collective of electronic and synthesised sounds. The opening track of the album, ‘NSKY’, is an example of this. NSKY’s release is accompanied by an animation music video by Malcolm Ricci & Sarah Falzon.

When creating the storyboard Sarah knew from the start that we should bring back visual styles from the past as the song itself is inspired by 80’s synthwave.

The linear illustrations and all it’s elements were created with the neon futuristic style in mind and Malcolm’s 2D animation is meant to give the viewer a nostalgic arcade gaming feel. Close-up shots are often used in the music video to set off certain emotions and help build the mood. The story for NSKY is based on one character, the strange things that happen to him as he travels from home to work and ends with a plot twist that brings a whole new dimension to the story.

About CRUX:

Formed sometime in 2014, CRUX is one of the newest arrivals on the Maltese music scene, but behind the dark veils one finds some familiar faces with a wealth of experience and talent. Not so much a band but rather a musical collective brought together by a love for synthesised sounds. The end result is a seamless sound that all at once references the electronic vanguard of our time yet also evokes the spirit of those artists who pioneered the genre. Read more here.



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