Jeanine Rodgers Scerri    December 22, 2023

Dance Your Way Into 2024 with Brikkuni at NYE Party ‘L-Aqwa Zmien’

New Year’s Eve tends to never meet our expectations. From crappy music, to insanely expensive drinks, overcrowding, and just one big overwhelming event to plan. 


With NYE right around the corner, local pop/rock/punk band Brikkuni has taken it upon themselves to host the ultimate NYE party that still lets you rock out to live music and celebrate with all your loved ones, ‘L-Aqwa Żmien’. 


Brikkuni L-Aqwa Żmien NYE Party 2023 Poster
Image Courtesy of Brikkuni


F*ck the system with Brikkuni

Brikkuni is known to use their platform to protest against corruption and oppression (hence the political reference in the event name), especially within Maltese grounds, so if you have had enough of getting screwed over by the system, this might be the perfect last hoorah to celebrate and head but to songs filled with protest and power alongside a like-minded community.


As a parting gift from 2023 to 2024, Brikkuni has also announced that every ticket holder to this event will be entitled to a 10% discount at the Star of India restaurant if they decide to go and have a bite there right before the party. 


Venue & lineup

To get away from all the extra noise and chaos of NYE, this event will take place in Xemxija, at the Beachhaven Club. The Star of India is situated within the Beachhaven complex, making life easier for you to go and grab that discount. 


Alongside Brikkuni, they will also be bringing along some of their friends to warm up the crowd for them and keep going after into the first few hours of 2024. DJs Alison Galea and Alien Montesin will be taking control before Brikkuni graces the stage. 


If you think that this party is right up your alley, make sure to grab your tickets now before they are all sold out. Tickets are currently on sale for €25. 

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