Trackage Scheme    December 23, 2016

E is for Event Tickets

With our event promotion and ticketing platform, we aim to provide the Maltese music scene with the easy, secure and reliable online event tickets system it deserves.

Events ticketing is widely used nowadays mainly due to its applicability across different industries such as sports, aviation and travel, just to name a few. However, customised ticketing platforms for music events in particular were missing, especially in Malta, until we decided to build one –

Our platform is focused solely on music, which allows us to truly focus on our core customers – the musician, the event organiser and the event-goer – so that we can continue to shape our product to cater for their specific needs.With an active and loyal base of followers, we can distribute and disseminate your event among affiliates and social media groups, and, securely, handle all ticket sales. With our unique and customisable system, any event organiser will feel at home, with a reliable and efficient ticket system that works for everybody. In short, we aim to provide the Maltese music scene with the easy, secure and reliable online event ticketing and promotional platform it deserves.

Use our online shop to easily sell your event tickets within minutes. You simply need to login and submit your event and that’s it, you’re ready to start selling. We’re honoured to have been chosen by most event organisers to sell tickets for events large and small, such as Strummin’, Rock the South festival, Class of 95, Brikkuni, Plato’s Dream Machine, The KVB and many more, collectively selling tens of thousands of Euros worth of tickets. So get in touch, we’ll handle the event tickets, you focus on the music!

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