Jeanine Rodgers Scerri    November 16, 2023

Experimental Duo ugne&maria & Alien Montesin Stimulating Musical Senses at Storeroom

Storeroom is no stranger to bringing down some of the most experimental and raw underground musicians from all around the globe. This Sunday 19th of November, ugne+maria, a Lithuanian duo currently residing in Belgium, will be performing live at Storeroom in Ta’Xbiex, alongside local Alien Motesin. 


ugne+maria take the stage 

Ugnė Vyliaudaitė and Marija Rasa Kudabaitė are the electroacoustic music duo that make up ugne+maria. Back in 2016, they embarked on their live debut in Brussels, kicking off their musical journey through the distinct sound of experimental techniques using violin, synthesizers, sampling techniques, and their voices. 


ugne&maria poster 
Image courtesy of Storeroom 


Although their music is classified as calming and intricate, it’s not exactly ambient.  Adding more complex layers to their mosaic of samples and carefully triggered field recordings. 


ugne+maria have performed in a number of festivals and venues including, the Meakusma festival, Arkaoda, Les Ateliers Claus, Beursschouwburg, RECYCLART, SMOG, HORST Festival, and more. They have also worked closely with a number of labels, allowing them to release their music through big names such as Interior Insula (BE), Gems Under The Horizon (BE), Rocket Recordings (UK), and Futura Resistenza (NL) labels.


Supporting act Alien Montesin 

A familiar face to the Storeroom community, Maltese artist Alien Montesin will be treating the audience to a journey through electronic spheres of intergalactic music and experimental audio-visual art. 


Alien Montesin takes her audience on an intergalactic journey through space, time, and experimental audio. Heavily inspired by the Surrealist movement, the environment Alien Montesin creates allows you to go through a nostalgic, yet futuristic momentum through an understanding of alienation and unfamiliarity. 


Storeroom Stage
Image courtesy of Storeroom 


Ticket Information 

Tickets are currently on sale for €5, with live music on from 8pm till 11pm at Storeroom Ta’Xbiex this Sunday 19th November.

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