Trackage Scheme    December 23, 2016

G is for Graphic Design

Our experienced designers can handle all your graphic design related work.

Good design has been at our core since the beginning. We take it very seriously. We have always created our own graphic design content which includes social media content as well as event promotional material such as banners, posters and flyers. As a result, we’ve established a name for ourselves and artists and event organisers are increasingly choosing us to handle all their design related work. Head over to to check out some of our work.

Nowadays, good, attractive design is more important than ever. This applies to any artist, any event and any piece of merchandise. If you don’t stand out visually, you’re going to be ignored, and if you do stand out but you have crappy design work, you’re not going to be taken seriously.

Our designers consistently come up with some of the most striking visuals to come out of the Malta’s music scene. The work is always expressive and descriptive as good design, critical to any brand, should be. If you are looking for reliable and fresh graphic designers, look no further. Whether it is designs for an EP or Album, social media content for your brand or event promotional material, we keep your brand in mind, amplifying your voice whilst boosting your campaigns.

Don’t settle for mediocre – work with professionals.

Nick Morales (Rock the South / No Sweat Production) – “Working with TS is always a great pleasure because they understand what you need and deliver your vision, always keeping within deadlines.”

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