Nicole Parnis    April 15, 2020

Galaxy Girl – JOON’s ‘E.T’ is Out of This World

If you haven’t heard it yet, open a Youtube tab and have a listen to JOON – ‘E.T.’. Maltese singer and producer Yasmin Kuymizakis, the artist formerly known as YEWS has just been signed to L.A label Italians Do It Better, keeping her career-defining project under wraps for her big reveal. And WHAT a blast-off it is.

When good news seems to be few and far between at the moment, with entire industries on hold, the creative sector is still steadily ticking over from the privacy of makeshift home studios. A veteran of so called “bedroom music”, Yasmin is no newbie to production, and her long-term determination serves as surefire inspiration for those who’ve ever dreamt of making it in the world of synths and snares. There’s never been a better time to experiment with sound than here and now.

The artist, who Indie Cindies will remember from her earlier, tender works such as ‘Orqod’ and a breathtaking cameo on Brikkuni’s ‘Għadna’ will now be introduced to a whole new spectrum of listeners thanks to ‘E.T’, a bop so pure it’s climbed the rankings to earn a place on my dancing in the shower playlist, the highest ranking of new music. A quarantine anthem of sorts. That insane bassline! The sugary vocals! Those alien invasion keys! Put simply, it’s electro-pop perfection.

‘E.T’, with it’s short and sweet lyrics is a playful, rave-worthy banger to tickle the fancy of those old enough to remember the good old days of “alternative” electronic dance floor anthems circa 2008, when CSS and Peaches reigned supreme, before bro culture took over EDM. We didn’t even know we were missing an entire genre until JOON came along. We’re calling it FEDM. And we’re buzzing for the next instalment.

Trackage Scheme had a chat with the artist about this new era in her artistic career, now signed to the record label who are the ultimate purveyors of the “Synthpop noir” midnight driving sound. IDIB are quite literally the top of their field, and we couldn’t be prouder that one of our own shares a label with the likes of Desire and Chromatics. We just know that JOON will bring her unique blend of free-spirited fun to the table, something we all need a bit more of at the moment.

A huge Congrats! How does it feel to be signed to Italians Do It Better?!

Thank you! Feels great to be seen by artists that have inspired me. I’m still a little shocked.

For sure! What has your music career been like so far as Yews leading up to your launch as Joon?

I started Yews 9 years ago. I taught myself how to use Logic Pro Software and started dabbling. Soon after I got asked to perform my debut gigs as a supporting act for two of my favourite Maltese bands: Beangrowers and Brikkuni. I then moved to London to pursue my studies in Sonic Arts and Sound Design. I started experimenting more there but always kept writing and performing. I then moved back to Malta, released a few more songs and now I’m starting fresh with a new name.

Is JOON different to YEWS? Since getting signed, how has your music changed?

Joon is just an evolved version of Yews. I will be reworking some Yews songs for Joon too. I guess the difference is that with Yews I used to do everything… write, produce, mix, master and self-release. With Joon I can just write and produce and get pro help from the label with the rest!

Fantastic! How would you describe your sound and the sound of your upcoming singles?

A mix between dancey, experimental tracks and intimate, personal ones too. Quirky, fun synths. My inner child, dreams, the moon and the sea.

Do you have any tips on getting signed for other Maltese artists?

Do some research on the label. Look for labels that will suit your style. Send only one or two of your best tracks, preferably mixed and mastered. If they’re interested they will ask you for more.

How should aspiring musicians go about getting noticed by a record label?

Find your own unique voice. If you sound like the “X band” they are unlikely to be interested in you. We already have an “X band”, why would we need another?

True. Thanks! What changes does being signed to a label make?

In this case they will take care of the mixing, mastering, artwork, distribution, even help with touring. And they have an audience I am not able to reach on my own.

Lockdown has given musicians more time to make music at home and the push needed for others to start. What words of advice would you give regarding productivity, motivation and getting your music out there at this time?

I guess lockdown is perfect for us to learn more, experiment and grow. We lead such busy lives, this is great timing to focus on ourselves and our passions. Although if one is not motivated right now, that’s also alright. I go through creative blocks too.

After the brilliant E.T, we can’t can’t wait to see what singles come next! Are you working on new material at the moment?

Yes, debut album coming out in June!!

JOON in June! Excited! Last thing. For all artists of all mediums out there… How can one find inspiration when life has temporarily “stopped”?

Listen to new music, watch beautiful films, read some inspiring books, and go for nice walks in the little countryside we have. Look into yourself, write in a journal, your emotions, your dreams. Where do you want to be and how will you get there? Believe in yourself and work for it.

Thanks Yasmin! We’re buzzing for the next instalment from JOON! XXX <a href="“>download gamecube iso

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