Luc Rouffaud    August 20, 2023

Hypnotic Techno Journey Awaits You With Vel at Liquid on August 26

Liquid Club has the pleasure to welcome Vel, yet another fantastic underground techno act to the club on 26 August from 10PM to 4AM. Luigi & DJ Strählen will be warming up the night.

Vel, hypnotic techno DJ currently on a winning streak

Vel plays what can be described (and felt) as hypnotic, driving techno and has had bookings at Berghain, Rinse FM, The Lot Radio and is currently a resident DJ at Le Sucre in Lyon, France.

Le Sucre was the same place where Vel, a Moroccan artist living in France, heard techno for the first time. From listener she became a DJ and from there a producer, creating fast-paced, textured music that her Spotify bio states is “powerful yet graceful.”

Think throbbing drums blended with divine feminine power.

Both quality DJ and producer

Vel playing The Lot Radio

A screenshot of Vel playing The Lot Radio in Brooklyn

Her impressive list of past venues and events is supported by a discography of multiple singles, EPs and albums released since 2020.

Her top track on Spotify is ‘You Taste Like Zaatar’ a bouncy track meant to take you places, like a bumpy subway ride into the night. And while you may consider her a techno artists, Vel is far from being limited to genre gracing the decks at full speed.

Check out her HOER set on YouTube below.

As one commenter stated: “This lady will take off. That groove is deadly ”.

Also plenty of material to start listening to before the event on SoundCloud.

RSVP here on the Facebook event page.

Sounds great, where do I buy tickets?

Buy ticket see Vel at Liquid Saturday 26 August exclusively here on Trackage Scheme.

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