Trackage Scheme    January 4, 2017

I is for Identity

“Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success.” We couldn’t agree more, Mr. Sivananda! As an artist, your aim is to make great music. Great music has to stand out and as an artist, you must stand out from literally thousands of other artists. We believe that the only honest way of achieving this is by totally immersing yourself in your work.

We believe that putting your heart, mind and soul into your music will make it stand out. It will make it unique and transcending. If you put your identity into all you do, it becomes extremely difficult if not impossible to replicate. Your special and unique identity is what makes a difference.

As Trackage Scheme, our job as a platform is to support artists, assist in the creation and/or development of their identities and to help them stand out. Whether its through our marketing and PR campaigns, graphic & video design jobs, event-ticketing and promotion system or even through our own events, we strive to amplify your voice, develop your identity and make you stand out from the crowd all along the way to your success, and beyond!

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