Trackage Scheme    January 7, 2017

J is for Join Us

If you’ve read “The journey so far” article, more recently, “An embarrassing (but funny) story” at our blog, or if you’ve been following our activities from the start you might know how the whole Trackage Scheme (TS) concept started. If you’re popping by for the first time, you’re in luck! The whole point of these posts is to communicate our mission and vision, our services as well as our upcoming projects.

As a platform for supporting the local alternative music scene, TS stems from group of enthusiasts connected together in the Facebook group named ‘Trackage Scheme‘. Since the very beginning, back in June 2013, people were (and still are) encouraged to share their favourite tracks, albums and sets. The aim of this is to create a forum which unifies music enthusiasts. Collectively, members share a vast and eclectic selection of music and as a result, everybody has the opportunity to discover new music and grow their musical repertoire.

As more effort was invested into building the TS platform, many new branches sprung out from the original concept. Nevertheless, all our activities are doubtlessly rooted in the original music sharing group, which is nearing 2000(!) members. Since our core mission is to identify, support and promote alternative artists irrespective of genre, our core group of followers must comprise of people with as as many diverse musical backgrounds and tastes as possible.

So the message in this post is simple. Join us in our quest to widen our diversity, enrich our different perspectives and continuously expand your taste in music!

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j is for join

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