Trackage Scheme    January 16, 2017

K is for Kanzunetta

Kanzunetta means “song” – something we at TS are always on the look out for – new, high quality and inspiring ‘kanzunetti’ (plural of kanzunetta). Whenever we come across music that touches us in some way, we feel obliged to help the artist(s) share their work with the world. You can listen to loads of Maltese productions in our artists portfolio page. Here you will find portfolios of Maltese artists across several genres, including Maltese bands, producers, and DJs.

You can also buy albums & EPs at our online shop – Here, you’ll also find event tickets for local concerts and parties where you can experience your favourite artists’ music in the flesh.

If you want to learn how to compose or produce your very own ‘kanzunetta’, then you’re in luck! Join our music school today and choose from guitar lessons, piano lessons, drum lessons, music production, DJing lessons and more –

Expect many new kanzunetti coming out of the Maltese islands throughout 2017! Follow us on Facebook and check this website regularly and never miss a track!

k is for kanzunetta song maltese

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