Janelle Borg    March 16, 2019

Bands to look out for in Malta in 2019

Malta’s music scene is continuously evolving, and 2019 seems to be a good year for Malta’s alternative scene, with a lot of new releases and newcomers that will surely satiate the appetite of all the alt-music fans in Malta out there.

Here are some local acts whose 2019 will surely be BIG

The Ranch


This self-described ‘“uncouth, uncivilised and unsophisticated” group is near and dear to a lot of alt-music fans’ hearts. They cemented their place in the scene with their 1st album Cuckoo Island and its followup 100 Smiles An Hour. Their fans were definitely all smiles when the group announced that they will be recording their 3rd album this year…and maybe releasing it? With countless tours abroad and regular gigs in Malta, The Ranch are a live act you surely cannot miss!


Lucy’s Last

After hitting the local airwaves with their latest banger Goodbye, Lucy’s Last definitely had a strong start. This indie-electronic group is definitely going places with their distinct style, and we simply cannot wait for its follow-up!


Align the Tide

These guys definitely worked for their place in the Maltese metal scene by constantly gigging all year round. Their hard work paid off, when they supported Mushroomhead in the U.S.A last year. We’re eagerly anticipating their sophomore album, but in the meantime, you can catch them live in Malta before they’re big!



This young alt-rock band have just released their debut single What Did I Do? With catchy guitar hooks and a clever arrangement, this band is definitely an exciting addition to the local scene, not to mention an example of modern, pure Maltese, rock’n’roll coolness.



Malta’s alternative icons need no introduction. After announcing that they were recording some new music last February, we’re at the edge of our seat!


2019 is definitely an exciting year for the local scene! Continue supporting the artists that make it happen by attending their shows, buying their music and merch, and grabbing friends that have never listened to a Maltese band in their life and converting them into a fan! #supportyourlocalscene, always.


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