Janelle Borg    March 31, 2019

A look back at 10 favourite tracks from the Maltese alternative scene

We all have that favourite song from the Maltese alternative scene, which reminds us of a memorable crazy night out, or that particular midnight drive with friends. Here are a couple of tracks that will surely serve as a blast from the past for many of you out there!

Beangrowers – Not in a Million Lovers

This top track from Malta’s alternative sweethearts Beangrowers, together with its iconic video, pushed the boundaries back in the noughties. Off the album with the same name, Not In A MillIion Lovers should be your go-to break-up soundtrack!

nosnow/noalps – Far Into the Night

Far into the Night is surely one of nosnow/noalps most memorable tracks! It makes for a great sing-along, as well as being the perfect addition to your midnight drive playlist. Furthermore, who wasn’t obsessed with this trippy music video?

The Areola Treat – Radio On

The Areola Treat were surely ahead of their time! Radio On remains so current and so innovative even in 2019! Lisa Micallef Grimaud was such a badass in this music video …. a true inspiration!


Dolls For Idols – Rave’N’Roll

Who remembers Dolls For Idols’  fun performance back in 2011 when the BMAs were still taking place? It was a proper party – the band definitely did stand out that night!


No Bling Show – Luċija u Samwel

Do you remember when No Bling Show’s Luċija u Samwel was all over the internet? (It was also the time when MSN was still being used). This music video was a real controversial stand-out at the time and still remains a true classic.


Plato’s Dream Machine – Temenza

Who didn’t love Plato’s Dream Machine (a.k.a PDM)? People flocked to their performances! When their first album came out, it was a breath of fresh air and a game changer in the Maltese alt music circle.


Brikkuni – L-Uffiċċju

Brikkuni’s L-Uffiċċju, off their album Trabokk, is the track that empathizes with your Monday blues. The socially conscious lyrics, as well as its mesmerizing music video, really struck a chord when it first came out… safe to say it’s a timeless piece!


Xtruppaw – Glorja Tonna

Xtruppaw are a super fun live band, and even their recorded tracks feature that element of fun and chaos. This is one of their most well-known tracks…and it will definitely bring back a lot of memories of when you were having the time of your life at a Xtruppaw gig.


Brodu – iċ-Ċimiterju


Brodu’s introspective and melancholic track is the epitome of the beauty that transpires when blending the Maltese language and alternative music together.


Stalko – Il-Mara Fuq il-Bejt


Stalko’s Grandiloquence still remains absolute class. This song is the only track off the album which features Maltese lyrics, and it’s utter perfection. The narrative, the harmonies, the instrumental arrangement … absolutely beautiful!


Bonus Track!

The Rifffs – Dance Music for the 80’s Depression

Malta’s pioneering ska band released this bop back in 1981, and its coolness is so timeless, it had to be included in the list!


What’s your favourite Maltese alternative track? Comment below with your favourite!

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