Trackage Scheme    February 23, 2017

M is for Music School

Join our music school and choose from the following music lessons: Piano lessons, guitar lessons, bass guitar, drum lessons, saxophone lessons, music production, DJ-ing lessons, singing lessons and dance lessons

We at TS believe that the potential of Maltese talent in music is measureless. We are focused on supporting all local existing bands and musicians within the alternative scene, across multiple genres. We believe that talent needs to be maintained before it starts exhibiting itself – prior and during the process of first gigs, recordings and performances.

One can read about some personal experiences (see article My Biggest Regret at our blog) that make us believe the result is only a logical consequence of the continuation of our aims. This made us want to establish our own Music School – whether you just dream about becoming a musician, or you are indeed already trying to be one, learning and practicing is a must.

With our Music School we also wanted to break the old rigid approach to learning an instrument, and that’s why we have chosen experienced, but also sympathetic and understanding teachers to lead our classes. Such teachers will make you learn from your mistakes through motivation and will give you some valuable tips on how to improve your performance.

Don’t doubt anymore and start your musical lessons today. Join our music school and choose from piano lessons, drumming, guitar, bass guitar, saxophone, music production, DJing, dancing and singing! Don’t worry, we’ll be watching your back on the way up 😉

m is for music school

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