Janelle Borg    March 31, 2019

Local Hip-Hop artists to look out for in 2019

Hip hop is definitely taking off in Malta! Safe to say that it’s injecting some much needed young rebellious blood in the alternative music scene.

Here we break down some of the top acts that are currently making waves in the Maltese music scene.


Eddie Fresco, Yannick and Caro are certainly in it for the long haul, and their hard work is paying off since this trio has already amassed a big following locally and abroad. Each one of the boys are very talented in their respective and unique ways, and we cannot wait to see where this journey takes them.



Rea’s rap focuses on Malta’s environmental degradation. This brave activist and rapper is very much needed in Malta’s current political climate.


Kapitlu Tlettax

This hip-hop group is an example of pure Maltese hip-hop. Featuring strong, innately Maltese satire in their rap, the boys are never afraid of experimenting and collaborating with others artists in the scene, as highlighted by this track featuring legendary Maltese rapper, Hooli.


Fattima Mahdi

Fattima Mahdi is a Londener and world citizen based in Malta. Her raps promote social action, and advises against being sucked into the black hole of the superficial modern world. Being a youth mentor and writer, Fattima Mahdi has been dazzling audiences in Malta with her all-round talent.


Without any doubt, Il-Lapes is not afraid to get real. This esteemed MC has been spitting bars for quite some time and is also noted for his contribution to Marmalja. His latest offering, Merħba Malta, is a genuine reality check from Il-Lapes to all those currently living on the island.



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