Trackage Scheme    November 18, 2016

Malta Takes London 2016 After-Movie

Here’s the official MTL 2016 after-movie! We had such a blast that we’re itching for MTL 2017!

A big shout out to all the bands and artists who took part & made this edition another huge success:

nosnow/noalps – Federica – FuzzhoneysCanvas WallBrodu – The Ranch – BILA – I Am Willow – YEWS – NBOME – An Experiment – Beesqueeze – Berne – Rob HarbourMichael Bugeja – Ben Vincenti

Major thanks to all our sponsors and to all the crowdfunders 🙂

CasumoPRS MaltaEC English Language CentresXFM 100.2 – Rig Equipment – Amrita Footcare and Wellness CentreBeauty Plus by MyriamKrea &

See you next year 😉

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