Janelle Borg    July 3, 2019

Malta’s Music Pioneers: Shining the Spotlight on Ray Bajada


It’s safe to say that Ray Bajada is a pioneer of Malta’s alternative music scene. His never-ending enthusiasm for upcoming bands, alternative sounds and young talent is vital in a country whose artists are primarily DIY and independent. Trackage Scheme talks with Ray Bajada about his beginnings, his colourful past and his dreams for the scene.

Growing up, who or what ignited your interest in music?

Renzo Arbore was a huge inspiration. I used to watch RAI1, and was a fan of his programme ‘Per Voi Giovani’. I still remember that his signature tune was ‘Moby Dick’ from Led Zeppelin’s ‘I Remember’.

How did you initially get involved in Malta’s music scene?

Sheer fluke! I met Victor Aquilina, who had a programme with Rediffusion. He heard my voice and asked me if I was interested in doing a studio test. I started training and never looked back! Meanwhile, I got to know the kids from the garage bands at the time. I realised that I could help them out. As a result, I got involved with AST – the Tigne organisation that aimed to help bands evolve locally.

How would you describe your relationship with DJing?

Addictive and colourful…especially when I got involved in the club scene back in the ’70s.

How would you describe the current musical landscape in Malta?

I believe that we are experiencing a renaissance in the local music scene. I’ve never experienced this much variety in musical genres and events.

In your ideal world, what measures would you introduce to take the local scene to the next level?

I would definitely introduce music festivals in our squares and beaches as well as a decent radio station that streams live performances by local bands.

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