Janelle Borg    May 6, 2019

Music as a form of therapy

While it’s common knowledge that music definitely helps to shake off those Monday blues, it’s becoming increasingly clear that music has a profound positive influence on the body and the psyche. In fact, the growing field of music therapy uses this universal language to structure, reinforce, and validate behaviour.

Music therapy is used in a variety of ways. From helping cancer patients to children with ADHD, it’s safe to say that music affects the mind and body in unimaginable ways. You can also reap the benefits of music in your day-to-day life due to the myriad of ways music affects our body and state of mind.

Brain wave resonation is influenced by the tempo of the music you listen to. Faster beats result in sharper concentration and alertness, while slower beats bolster a calm and meditative state of mind. Furthermore, there are lasting effects on brainwave activity since music empowers the brain to shift speeds in an easier manner, even after the music stops.

Other bodily functions such as the breathing rate and the heart rate are positively affected by improved brainwave activity. This results in a slower breathing rate and heart rate, making relaxation easier to achieve.

What’s more – music lowers the chances of depression and chronic stress. Additionally, a positive state of mind keeps creativity and optimism at an optimal level. Other health-related benefits include lowering your body’s blood pressure, easing your muscles’ tension, boosting your immunity and reducing the risk of stroke.

While music therapy is a professional field, it is worth noting that all of us can improve our day-to-day mental well-being via the power of music. So crank up the volume after a stressful day at work, and wake up to some relaxing tunes in the morning to kick start your day in a positive way, ‘cos reaping music’s lasting benefits has never been easier!

Learning a musical instrument also has a positive effect on our body and psyche. Learn more ➡




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