Music School

Piano lessons, guitar lessons, bass guitar, drum lessons, saxophone lessons, music production, DJ-ing lessons, singing lessons and dance lessons are available at our music school in Malta

Our music school employs Malta’s top musicians and teachers who constantly strive to help each students achieve their highest potential in music appreciation, music knowledge and understanding, composition, performance and musicianship through exciting and effective music programmes and opportunities.

The main objective of the school is to prepare students for careers as creative musicians and performers who can successfully contribute to the further development and evolution of the musical heritage.

Our music school offers a variety of courses including; drums, guitar, bass guitar, piano, saxophone, and DJing which cater for the young beginner as well as the more experienced musician.

Our music school values the worth of each student, offering tailor-made programmes in the pursuit of knowledge and learning through experience. The open communication between students and music tutors helps us to achieve a better understanding of the needs of our school as a community whose individual members are a source of creative energy in a diverse and ever-changing musical world.

Join our music school today and choose from guitar lessons, piano lessons, drum lessons, music production, DJing lessons and more!

Click on the music lessons of your choice, fill in the contact form and we will put you in touch with our great music instructors!

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