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Piano Lessons in Malta: Start piano class today!

Whether you are just starting out, are an intermediate player, or want to learn some advanced topics; these piano lessons are for you!  You can learn how to play the piano, music theory, basic song writing, improvisation, rhythm and more.

Piano lessons are an exciting and informative introduction to piano and music skills for beginning to intermediate level music students for ages ranging from child to adult. The goal of these lessons is not only to develop a solid musical foundation in piano which will greatly assist in the future pursuit of any musical instrument, in any style, but most importantly to instil a genuine love and appreciation for music in the student.

Students are taught a stimulating, thorough, and graduated course of recital solos, theory, technical studies, and classic piano repertoire.

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The Tutor


Aleandro Spiteri Monsigneur is a Maltese musician, session artist and composer. Notable for his active participation as session and touring keyboardist/pianist with local award-winning band Red Electrick, Aleandro is also involved in several others projects as a session musician, recording artist, affiliate and contributor. He has performed abroad multiple times, including performances in large-scale festivals such as Jarocin Festival (Poland), Altstadt Festival (Germany) and at the Kourion Amphitheatre (Cyprus). He was also responsible for composing the film score for Case at Riddle Crossing¸ a 2015 international feature film, and has also had his chorale Coniuncti Concidimus, Dividuui Accidimus performed by a number of local choirs and as a one-time exclusive arrangement for string quartet in Vienna at the European Youth Orchestra 2016 Summer Tour..


Daniel Sant – Plato’s Dream Machine

I’ve been playing piano for as long as I remember words coming out of my mouth. As time goes by – slowly or fast – I become more and more in tune with the concept of speaking and communicating, not only with spoken languages but with notes, feelings, chords, solos and voicings. Learning piano is what most people do as a young child, but also the instrument most regretted stopping as an adult. Having command over melody and harmony is invaluable, as it is invaluable to have command over rhythm. Few things come close to the spirituality of connecting through song, in whatever genre.

That moment when a student, no matter how young or old, really takes off playing the piano, is priceless.  So contact us today let’s begin!”

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