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Piano Lessons in Malta: Start piano class today!

Whether you are just starting out, are an intermediate player, or want to learn some advanced topics; these piano lessons are for you!  You can learn how to play the piano, music theory, basic song writing, improvisation, rhythm and more.

Piano lessons are an exciting and informative introduction to piano and music skills for beginning to intermediate level music students for ages ranging from child to adult. The goal of these lessons is not only to develop a solid musical foundation in piano which will greatly assist in the future pursuit of any musical instrument, in any style, but most importantly to instil a genuine love and appreciation for music in the student.

Students are taught a stimulating, thorough, and graduated course of recital solos, theory, technical studies, and classic piano repertoire.

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The Tutor



Daniel Sant – Plato’s Dream Machine


Daniel Sant is a 20-year-old multi-instrumentalist, first picking up classical piano aged 6. Later influenced by rock, blues and indie, he taught himself to play the guitar, bass, and drums, and studied jazz improvisation and theory. Daniel has contributed to rock outfit Jack’s Fusion (2015-2016), the SAC Soireé Orchestra (score arranger; 2016-2017), synthpop group Plato’s Dream Machine’s album ‘Ghera’ (2017), Claire Tonna (Notte Bianca 2017), and most recently with Emma Muscat (Notte Bianca 2018). He has taken part in the Malta Jazz Festival’s ‘Jazz on the Fringe’ program with the JSSOM Jazz Combo (2017 and 2018), and with the Jes Psaila Project (2018).


Daniel has worked as a recording engineer for the Federico Carnevali Trio (Italy), and has produced and recorded the single ‘Bag of Lies’ for local band Roza. He also works as a piano technician and music tutor, in-keeping with the family business. Currently, Daniel is the session guitarist and keyboardist for The Plakard Project (2018-present), performs regularly with local musicians on the jazz and pop circuit, and is reading for an ARSM piano exam.

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