Trackage Scheme    February 23, 2017

N is for Newcomers

Trackage Scheme’s aim is to be an open hub for all alternative musicians. Whether it is a solo guitar player, a full band or an electronic music Dj, we are here to support their career and watch them work hard to achieve their aim and please the listeners.

Check out our ever growing artist database and explore a variety of sounds, genres and musical approaches. The list is continuously being updated, so stay tuned! Moreover, our efforts stretch to offer an events calendar to all those interested in Malta’s alternative music scene, be it locals or newcomers. If you want to include your event in our events calendar, feel free to upload it by copying the Facebook event link, or even creating the event from scratch at our webpage.

At TS we also encouraging newcomers to be directly part of the music scene – we’ve established our own music school for those who want to learn an instrument, sing, compose and DJ. One can sign up to a variety of music lessons with our professional tutors here. We give lots of importance to newcomers as we think that the input of fresh talent can only improve what Malta has to offer and enrich the field of this thriving alternative music scene we love.

n is for newcomers


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