Jeanine Rodgers Scerri    October 13, 2023

A Night with Techno Legend UMEK at Liquid by COL.LAB this Weekend

By now, we are all familiar with the well-deserved reputation that Liquid Club Malta has built over the years, presenting the Maltese techno scene with some of the most raw and exciting electronic nights on the island. 


This weekend, a new event organization named COL.LAB, essentially a collaboration by EGO, Hades Events & Unmute, will work hand in hand with Liquid Club to create a promising night for the techno scene by bringing down techno maestro UMEK.


UMEK COL.LAB event poster 
Image courtesy of COL.LAB


Who is UMEK?

If you haven’t heard UMEK’s hypnotizing sets yet, you’ve been missing out. UMEK is a techno artist and producer from Slovenia. He built his reputation within the industry many moons ago when he became personally responsible for kickstarting the electronic music scene in Slovenia.


His illegal raves in his home country became a well-known and sought-after event, turning him into a music ambassador wanted globally. 


Nowadays, you can find UMEK playing in underground clubs in Berlin one night, and playing in front of thousands at renowned electronic festivals the next. 


UMEK Responding to Dynamic Album 
Image courtesy of 1605 record label


What else is in store for you? 

Besides going on a hypnotic journey with UMEK, COL.LAB has also lined up three talented local artists to warm the crowd up and get the dancefloor hot and sweaty. 


Expect to dance to the groovy tunes of Malta’s techno veteran since 1995, JUNIOR B, the seeker of new frequencies, DJ and producer, GEORG, and well-known DJ, event organizer, and promoter OBLX.


Liquid Club Malta 
Image courtesy of Videocafe  

What is left to do?

Excited to head down to the dancefloor with all your mates, grab a drink or two, and enjoy a night of pure electronic goodness? 


All that’s left for you to do is secure your tickets, currently on sale for €25, save Friday the 13th of October in your calendars, and head on down to Liquid Club at 10 pm to enter UMEK’s techno fortress for the night. See you there.


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