Trackage Scheme    February 23, 2017

O is for Originality

Originality is not an objective concept. Whether or not you label any form of art as original, depends on your own views and perspective. Let us interpret what we mean when we identify TS to be supportive of original alternative musicians. We are not only seeking to find total uniqueness in the music; musicians are usually expressing their own roots, traditions and approaches known to public, but that itself doesn’t mean they are not original. In our view, music is always original as long as it is authentic.

To the contrary of the mainstream music industry, there is no agent that is trying to sell the music as a mass product to be consumed. The music is a result of the honest work of musicians who are enthusiastic about what they’re doing, loving music the same way we do; as a beautiful way of expressing themselves through the magic of sound. And that is the reason why we are supporting authentic and original music in Malta. Because this kind of music can’t be easily monetised – it hasn’t been created to make money, it’s been created as a form of art.

TS is a society of people that appreciate art and so if you share this passion of ours, check out our Facebook page, support the events published on our calendar, buy original Maltese music from our e-shop and help us keep the original music in Malta growing.

Thank you all for the support!

o is for originality

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