Trackage Scheme    March 14, 2017

Q is for Quality

Quality never goes out of style and that’s why we at TS believe that being quality focused is every artist’s key to success in his or her musical journey. We’re not just talking only about music here – that’s just one small piece in the big puzzle.

Every aspect of an artist’s identity needs needs to stand out; they need to regularly communicate with their audience and keep them informed, their biography (and discography) needs to be consistently up-to-date, their artworks need to be fresh and engaging and their photoshoots need to make people want to get to know them.

Moreover, as the music scene becomes increasingly dependant on new communication channels, artists need to ensure they are capitilising on all possible ways to reach new potential fans. Ensuring quality is essential every step of the way.

As Trackage Scheme grew from evolved from a simple music sharing forum into a alternative music hub, we took the logical step forward to start providing services that support music artists, event organisers and cultural operators. Today, our agency provides quality digital marketing services, event planning, audio, lighting and staging equipment, graphic and video design work, photography, crowdfunding and event ticketing – essentially providing a one-stop-shop for all the ingredients needed to succeed.

More importantly, we execute these services in professional, quality focused manner and offer unparalleled support every step of the way. Whether you’re an artist or event organiser, or both, you can count on us to deliver on any aspect mentioned above, while you make yourself available for what’s most important – the creative process itself.

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q is for quality

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