Trackage Scheme    March 16, 2017

R is for Rhythm

As you come closer to the venue you hear a distant rumble, echoes of steady beat hit your ear drums from all angles. You don’t just hear it with your ears, you can feel it deep inside your body; it resonates. As you enter the concert hall, the feeling intensifies and without knowing it, your heart beat magically starts to synchronise with this rhythm.

Rhythm is at the core of every song we know – it is something that connects us to our ancient ancestors, whether they were creating, listening or dancing to any form of music or sound, rhythm was, is and will continue to be an integral part of all music.

Trackage Scheme brings together all types of rhythms imaginable; check out our artist & band database to listen to your favourite styles of music online or better yet, attend one of the many events we endorse to experience these rhythms in the flesh!

r is for Rhythm


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