Jeanine Rodgers Scerri    October 18, 2023

Ride the Kinetic Waves: A Unique and Collaborative Interactive Performance in Valletta

One of Malta’s leading contemporary dance companies, Moveo, has joined forces with local creatives and the Arts Council Malta to bring a uniquely crafted dance and technology installation project to life. 


Dance, light, and musical collaboration


Moveo Dance Company is working closely with Late Interactive, a Maltese-based interactive artist and light wizard, and Danjeli, a Maltese electronic musician. Together, they have curated a distinctive and exciting production inspired by the enigmatic golden ratio and Fibonacci sequence, working with music and light moving together to the beat of the performer. 


The Kinetic Waves performance has been choreographed by Patsy Chetchuti, opening its doors to the public for two nights only, on the 21st and the 22nd of October, at the Valletta Campus Theatre. 


Moveo Dance Company ‘The Other Door’ Performance 2023
Image courtesy of Craft Mark Malta


What to expect 

Kinetic Waves promises an immersive experience, creating a dynamic connection between the dancers and their surroundings. Audiences will be transported on a journey guided by the dancers’ skillful interaction with objects, resulting in inventive sound and light effects.


If you are an art enthusiast and want to explore what local talent has to offer today’s artistic scene, then going to a show like this will allow you to experience and appreciate the complex artistry of a multi-sensory performance done by dedicated performers. 


Where, When, Tickets?

Be sure to grab your tickets and save the 21st of October at 8.30 pm, or the 22nd of October at 7 pm at the Valletta Campus Theatre. Tickets are currently on sale for €15.


Kinetic Waves 2023 Poster 
Image courtesy of Moveo Dance Company 

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