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Trackage Scheme’s Services Portfolio

Over the last few years Malta’s alternative music c event scene has seen its star rising, with quality events happening every weekend, spoiling the local audience for choice. With an increase in venues that host events and a more serious attitude towards perfecting and honing their music, Malta’s musicians are being the change they want to see.

Trackage Scheme has been a part of this evolution, from the very first event they sorted the line-up for and organised, to the most recent outing of getting Maltese artists to perform in London. They’ve offered support in a myriad form, be it through marketing support and video/graphic design, sorting out the nitty-gritty like tickets, venues and equipment rentals, or even crowdfunding your project and planning your event!

Trackage Scheme was founded with the express intent of helping artists reach and achieve their goals, no matter how big or small. As a musician, especially on an island in the middle of the sea, it might sometimes seem like quite the task to get your music out there, to a new audience, in a way that does justice to your art. Trackage Scheme is here to help, and here are a few of the ways they can support you in your goals.

Event Planning

Trackage Scheme has made it’s name in the local circuit for professional, well-flowing events. Whether hosting them, being a part of them, or contributing to them, the TS team have always left the party knowing everyone had a great party.

From handling the audio at the launch of arts and culture magazine Patron Magazine’s The Quality Issue in Sliema, to sponsoring and co-hosting Lucy’s Last’s debut EP launch, to partnering with Sick of Ants for their 2015 NYE party, Trackage Scheme always add that extra touch, as can even be seen from their own events.


Whether one of the day festivals they organised – Trackage Scheme, Metamorphosis, and Gestalt – or any one of the series they’ve set up – Rooftop Live Sessions, Sacred Noise – or even their one of Nights with Indie, Trackage Scheme can do for your party what they did for their own – have a whale of a time.

Mario Vella (Brikkuni): I cannot recommend these guys enough. They are swift, efficient, considerate and offer more than reasonable prices. You can’t do any wrong with them.

Audio equipment, Lighting & Staging Rental

When it comes to live events, Trackage Scheme have both the experience and affiliates to ensure that your event will look and sound great. A top range of lighting and different forms of displays can give that extra something to a gig. And, it goes without saying, the sound is top notch – select from a versatile stock of sound equipment from DJ mixers and decks to large front of house (FOH) systems to be assured of a truly immersive sound production.

Don’t worry about putting all the bits and pieces together, dealing with different agencies for all the lights and sounds – Trackage Scheme is a one-stop shop for all your staging, audio and lighting rental needs.

audio lighting staging events malta

From stage set up to trussing, fitting all the items together to form a beautiful complete puzzle is second nature to the Trackage Scheme team. They’re trained staff will provide your event with the right stage, audio and lighting equipment, including ambience and effects. Whether it will be a set of moving heads and colour changers, or a couple of 6-bars or par lamps, they will deliver, install and monitor the equipment according to your needs.

Nicole Parnis – “We rented djing equipment off the Trackage Scheme team and we were blown away with the service. The lads were efficient, very friendly and on time, and even set up for us. The gear was collected after midnight from a central Valletta rooftop with no fuss. Five star service.”

Video Design

With video being one of the most effective ways of a musician or band getting their message and work shared, Trackage Scheme believes a professional video is the only kind of video worth creating. Having teamed up with a Malta-based multi-disciplinary production company working in advertising and film that has received production grants from the Malta Film Fund, won the Malta Innovation Award in the Creative Category and won Best Local Animation at the Malta International Short Film Festival, Trackage Scheme is serious about it’s videos.

From animated promotional videos to live recordings of your events, the experienced video design team is ready to deliver a highly polished finished product guaranteed to meet your expectations. They’ll also help you plan out the shoot, decide between animation or live action production, and even offer a range of in-house post-production and production management services.

Check out some more of the videos they’ve produced here:

Julian Galea (Sick of Ants) – “The service was timely and catered to what I was looking for.”

Graphic Design

As their previous work shows, graphic design is one of the strengths of Trackage Scheme’s robust team. Their designers came up with some of the most striking visuals to come out of the alternative music hub, handling event posters and banners all the way to album covers and social media content.

They are adept at pinning down what makes you you, and translating that to a great visual. Always expressive and always descriptive, if you are looking for some eye-catching work, look no further.

Nick Morales (No Sweat Productions) – “Working with TS is always a great pleasure because they understand what you need and deliver your vision, always keeping within deadlines.”


Digital Marketing

Online audience engagement and expansion is both time consuming and essential. One must constantly grow their fan base and increase their digital footprint in promoting their work online.

Trackage Scheme provides digital marketing services to suit all types of exposure needs, and plans that provide marketing in tandem with any one of their other services. Whether you’re looking for monthly consultation or one-off online projects, Trackage Scheme will work 1-2-1 with you, your artists and wider team to educate, coordinate and report on every aspect of your campaign.

They offer full social media management across your entire social, web, database and mobile channels including communications and design updates, multimedia content and a carefully planned timeline.

Acquiring new fans is also a key goal. Using an array of methods, such as data capture, custom email design, direct fan email marketing and after action reporting to help manage fan relationships will help consolidate your audience.

Trackage Scheme can also design and develop full CMS enabled websites, custom 3rd party social apps and tools as you see fit, creating a bespoke website to suit your creative vision. From there you can manage your database, schedule email activity and get the insights needed to run targeted digital marketing campaigns to your fan base.

Event Promotion & Event Ticketing

If you aren’t selling your tickets through Trackage Scheme’s incredible portal, then you are doing it wrong. Trackage Scheme is the industry leader in all things ticket-y for the alternative music scene; their passion for the music and the hard work they are ready to put in for the artists is obvious, and their reputation now precedes them.

With an active and loyal base of followers, Trackage Scheme can distribute and disseminate your event among affiliates and social media groups, and, securely, handle all ticket sales. With their unique and customisable system, any event organiser will feel at home, with a reliable and efficient ticket system that works for everybody.

Through their online shop one can easily sell event tickets within minutes. All you need to do is simply login and submit your event and that’s it, you’re ready to start selling! They will handle the tickets, you just need to handle the music.

Here are some of the events that Trackage Scheme handled tickets for:

Adrian Debattista (Botta u Risposta / Minmajiġix Promowxins): “I highly recommend using this ticket engine to anyone organising both large-scale and small-scale live music events. The ways in which TS stands out is its A to Z approach when focusing on its clients no matter how niche the events may be where people behind TS are there to help out every time at every step of the way. It truly reflects that this is a system built by music lovers to music lovers without question.”

Nick Morales (Rock the South / nosnow/noalps): “Thanks to TS local bands can now set up tickets online without any hassles and at a very good price, usually other ticket platforms take a high fee and are not reachable, with TS they will help you to fix your ticket platform as you wish it to be.”

Stalko: “The Trackage Scheme ticket system is simple to use, reliable and left us with one less thing to worry about for the launch of our album. On the day, the process was also very smooth. What’s more, Trackage Scheme promoted our event, so all in all, a super system. Highly recommended.”


Trackage Scheme’s latest venture is a Crowdfunding system that makes it incredibly easy to raise money online for the things you need to move your musical career forward. In less than a minute, you’ll be able to personalise your fundraising campaign and share it with the people in Malta. With Trackage Scheme Crowdfunding platform, the money you collect goes directly to you. There are no deadlines or limits – each donation you receive is yours to keep. Raising money for your projects has never been easier. Sounds perfect right?

Whatever you feel like you need funding for, being it a live event, recording an album, or a foreign tour, Trackage Scheme’s crowdfunding platform can be the difference between you achieving your goals or not. The support of such a strong networking hub can work wonders when you need to reach those extra few people to achieve your goals.

malta takes london crowdfunding


As if it wasn’t abundantly clear yet, Trackage Scheme offer the full range of services to get the best out of any musician. Your work deserves to be heard, and Trackage Scheme can be the ones representing you, getting your music out there, while you focus on the music.

If you are interested in any of these services, or a consultation, just contact Trackage Scheme today.

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