Martin Rieger    October 26, 2016

On The Spaceship – FDM boat party review

When you’re preparing yourself for a boat party, you can never really know what to expect. To be honest, the Spaceship Boat Party was my first boat party ever. I tried to look up the headliner DJ Ghostin, but Google didn‘t give me any useful results. What should to expect, then?

I obtained some information from the FDM crew – they had Ghostin at Outlook festival in Croatia. Then Ghostin himself sent me his bio. He has been playing for five years, mainly in the UK, some Bristol parties, and some other gigs…alright, I thought, let’s experience some UK bass music.

And that‘s exactly what I witnessed, and not just from Ghostin.


Some info about FDM crew – Why boat parties?

FDM are not the kind of guys that are do crappy disposal pop parties for foreigners. Their goal is not to have as many attendees as possible, at any cost. They pursue more profound goals just to spread underground music vibes. That’s not an easy way to go as Malta is a small island and, accordingly, its UK deep and heavy bass music scene is small.

They’ve just got passion for music, which is not that common in Malta. FDM do the parties for the vibes, they are not earning any money from it, in fact they are happy enough when they do not lose much money. So that‘s just pure passion for the music and the parties themselves.

Why are they doing boat parties then? Boat parties are pretty expensive – you have to rent a boat and the sound system, pay the bartenders, security and altogether it’s probably more expensive than you can imagine.

The first impulse for that craziness was FDM crew‘s visit of Outlook Festival in Croatia, and particularly their visit to the famous Deep Medi boat parties while there.

Now we are getting to the point. If you want to enjoy deep bass music when sailing on the sea, feel the pure vibes and dance to sophisticated rhythms, join the FDM boat party. You might not see Mala or Skepta there, but even they were just boys with passion for bass music a few years ago…by the way, drinks are not expensive and you can go for a walk on Comino, where the boat has an anchor spot.

So which tracks took over the party?

Let‘s look closer at the production on the Spaceship. The whole thing started with dubwise music, then some mungos hifi scrub’a’dub tunes. An interesting part of the event for me was trying to dance to music while the boat is cruising a huge wave – you feel like a drunken sailor (respect to all sailors, maybe that‘s the reason why they drink so much in harbour…to feel like they are still on the boat).

Then there was a natural change of music style to Dubstep and Grime vibes at the Blue Lagoon in Comino, where the boat anchored for a few hours. The dancefloor was now calmer, no external influences like waves, so you could really be immersed deeply into the music. Big thanks to Volume A – Jean Paul Micallef – and Depth – Neil Fenech -– for their delivery with a deep dark and dangerous dubstep set which rolled on to Depth’s 60mins of Grime hype. The energy was electric. Appearances by Digby and Daniele Formigaro were also well received.

One of the top moments was a D Double E Lemon Trees tune sung by almost the whole audience on the boat. When Ghostin took over with his eclectical set, the place was already full of excited dancers. After Ghostin, Matthew aka DJ Mist and FDM crew continued the party to the last moments of docking at Mellieha bay. That was actually the most exciting part of event for me.

The waves didn’t bother me anymore as I had gotten used to them so I could fully concentrate on the vibes. A nice mixture of Raggajungle, Grime, Dubstep & Drum ‘n‘ Bass is what their party style represents. The last transport service which took me and few other Spaceship boat party attendees home was highly appreciated.

Give thanks to FDM crew and support their activities. You have got a full recommendation from me. Bless!

(video from different FDM boat party below)

FDM CREW PRESENTS: Outlook Festival Malta Launch Boat Party

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