Luc Rouffaud    August 16, 2023

SPEED is Back for Another Night of Hard & Fast Techno

SPEED is back for another night of hard and fast techno on August 25th from 10PM at Liquid Club in San Gwann. Come to Malta’s techno home and rave the night away with team SPEED, a collective of no funny business DJs bringing an escapade like no other.

Introducing SPEED, Malta’s hard techno taking over by pure force

SPEED is a euphoric trance and heavy-hitting Maltese techno promotion that’s onto their third night of chaos. This summer they held up Buskett and held a party there the hosts will likely not forget for a while. Debauchery aside, what you need to know is that going to a party with these guys means signing up for high energy.

So, how to prepare for such a night? SPEED recommends “bring your most aesthetically themed self and RAVE the night away.”

Who’s playing the next SPEED Malta?

SPEED Malta next event

Event poster for the next SPEED party at Liquid Club

Obsequent is the hard techno chief behind the promotion and he is leading the charge of the proliferation of this music in Malta. Supporting acts include Scythe and Invective.

A fiery B2B is in the works

On the night NATURA2K, a self-professed neo-trance and fast techno DJ will be going B2B with Parvatis.

Parvatis is a DJ inspired by Reiner Zonneveld and KiNK playing the TR-8. He is a self-taught artist playing anything from rooftop house to underground techno – and this time around, the fast type of techno.

Where do I buy tickets?

As usual, SPEED’s early bird tickets are already sold out and 10 EUR tickets are now available. Click here to secure your ticket to this high BPM sound taking over Maltese nights.

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