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Sally    April 6, 2017

Starting Them Young – How to Pick a Child’s First Guitar

Starting Them Young - How to Pick a Child’s First Guitar

Like parents across Malta last year, we were faced with the task of buying our children their first musical instruments. For one of our daughters this meant a piano, which was quite expensive, but for the other one it was buying their first guitar. Of the two, you might be surprised to learn that buying a guitar was more difficult even if it was less expensive.

We learned that you need to:

  • Most of all, listen to your child’s ideas and feedback
  • Let them try all kinds of guitar to see what works best for them in terms of style, feel, size, weight, and playing action
  • Think of a size they can play, but also grow into
  • Even consider different string types depending on what feels best

All in all, we tried various kinds of acoustic guitars and electric guitars before settling on a traditional acoustic – the neighbours do not know how close they came to having a electric guitar playing kid next door. Now I am hoping our investment pays off and our children can grow up loving music, playing music, and maybe one day, if they want to, creating it. In the meantime, why not check out my beginners guide for selecting a guitar for children

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