Trackage Scheme    January 8, 2018

The Record Project – Cain in collaboration w/ Trackage Scheme

There is no better feeling than discovering new music, is there? Ever taken a look back over your collection and felt like some things seem almost new, in a weird almost too true to be deja vu sort of way? As you realise the album or tracks you’re looking back on are some of your most dearest, a warmth fills your heart and memories from your formative years flood back. You start to feel the way you used to feel when you first heard them. But then, as if by magic, it all starts to feel brand new.

Rediscovery is a great thing. Music that meant one thing before can now turn the tables on your feelings and cause all sorts of wonderful epiphanous trances. It’s exactly like the times we used to recommend artists to our friends and family by gifting them with mixtapes of our favourite picks.

Imagine if you had the chance to discover an album you’d never given yourself the chance to listen to, but possibly had heard of. As if you’ve been meaning to for years and just never got around to actually doing it.

Cain in collaboration w/ Trackage Scheme will be giving some of you that very opportunity!

Whilst glancing over his whole collection, he noticed some of the records had slipped from his mind. Because of this, he began to switch up his record bag for each gig in an attempt to help himself discover his collection. But he wanted to take it one step further.

What if he were to invite someone to take a browse through his collection? Giving them a chance to blind-select 15 records for reasons beyond the music contained on them. They could like the artwork or have known the artist’s previous or following works, or anything about the record itself that bears anything of resemblance.

Those entrusted to make their picks will not be able to listen to the records during the process, as Cain will then be working to put together a mix of each selection. Other ideas are also in the works to build on this interaction, so keep an eye out.

We all have our own tastes in music, it’s all part of the fun and what helps define music as an art like none other. Music can be a fantastic medium to meet people through, paving the way for communication and conversations all too often dismissed.

All in all, this is a call to rise for those interested in furthering their discovery of music. Sometimes it’s better to look at things from a new perspective. You’d be surprised with what you might learn…

With the launch of this project Cain has also decided to share with you the first 40 minutes of his set from Glitch Festival 2017. Enjoy!

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