Jeanine Rodgers Scerri    October 31, 2023

Top Spooky Halloween Events Happening This Week

If last week’s Halloween events didn’t do it for you, this week is another jam-packed Halloween schedule for all of Malta to enjoy. In this list of top spooky Halloween events, we have something for everyone, so get your creepiest Halloween costume ready and join the festivities. 


1. For the Ravers – Doomsday

Doomsday 2023 Poster
Image courtesy of Tugulio


For all the music and rave lovers, Doomsday will be upon us on the 4th of November from 4pm-4am, bringing us five stages of pure raw undead talent. Doomsday will be taking place at Tugulio in St Julians, with mandatory costumes needed to enter, and an intense lineup spread through five different music stages.


You can expect to stumble across the Frightful Forest (a stage dedicated to psytrance), the Ghoulish Graveyard (a stage dedicated to experimental music), the Spooky Swamp (a stage dedicated to dub and drum and bass), the Witching Hour (a stage dedicated to metal and open jam sessions), and the Cryptic Cave (a stage dedicated to techno). 


2. For the Mischievous – Lollipop: Inferno

Lollipop: Inferno 2023 Poster
Image courtesy of Lollipop


For all those looking to release their inner devil for a night of hot and sweaty dancing under the disco ball of hell, Lollipop will be hosting their Inferno Halloween special at Stardust Sliema. 


Head on down on the 4th of November between the hours of 10pm-4am to get down to some of Lollipop’s favorite local artists, Owen, Jake Opaque, and Mari Mars. Joining the Inferno get-down are three mystical drag witches; Masha Fierce, Jake, and Miranda Stick, ready to put on a show for all the dancing sinners. 


3. For the Mexican Enthusiasts: Dia De Los Muertos

Dua De Muertos 2023 Poster
Image courtesy of Barrio Latino Malta


On the 4th of November, Barrio Latino Malta will be hosting a traditional Dia de los Muertos of Santa Muerte, a revered figure in Mexican culture, embodying love, protection, and transformation. Dia de Muertos will be a colorful celebration of life and remembrance, dedicating a night to honor departed loved ones.


Their happy hour will begin at 7pm-9pm and the party will go on till 4am, with DJ Francisco taking the wheel. You will also be able to have your face painted in traditional Dia de los Muertos makeup by a professional makeup artist on-site.


4. For all the BMX Riders: RRMC Halloween (Scary Movies)

Scary Movies Poster 2023
Image courtesy of BMX track Malta


All the skaters, BMX-ers, rollerbladers, and anyone who enjoys spending time at Malta’s local BMX park in Pembroke, will get to enjoy their annual RRMC Halloween meetup. Here you will be able to enjoy the BMX park in its full glory with costumes, drinks, food, music, and one big community ready to welcome you with open arms. 


This year’s theme is Scary movies, so if you’re thinking of getting a costume ready, make sure to pick one out from your favorite scary movie. The event starts at 9pm, with fun surprises throughout the night. 


5. For all the Halloween-Loving Families: Halloween at the Aquarium

Halloween at the Aquarium 2023 Poster
Image courtesy of the National Aquarium Malta


For all the families looking for family-friendly Halloween fun, the National Aquarium of Malta is hosting a Halloween at the Aquarium, happening now till Sunday 5th November, from 10am-4pm. Kids with costumes will also be getting in for free!


Dive into the fun with fish feeding sessions featuring Halloween characters, a Halloween craft station, Halloween VR experiences, pumpkin carving, costume parades for kids, thrilling ghost tours, and a whole array of spooky surprises for the entire family. 



Let us know which event you end up going to. Happy Halloween and remember to keep an eye out for ghosts.

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