Trackage Scheme    December 23, 2016

Trackage Scheme’s Alphabet Campaign

As Trackage Scheme grows, our range of activities spread far and wide. Since the inception of TS, we have worked on a myriad of projects including the launch of our music school, extended marketing & promotional services (such as Event Ticketing and Graphic and Video design), ongoing research and journalism (recall the 7 month long research we did for the Oldest Record Store in the World article), hosted a plethora of events and of late, teamed up with Malta Takes London, a project which exports Maltese bands and DJs to perform in London.

We understand that it may be hard for one to keep up with all these activities and truly grasp the concept of TS. To help communicate our mission and vision, we are introducing our ‘Alphabet content plan’ – Essentially, every Friday, we will be posting an image with a letter from the entire Alphabet from which we will derive a word that explains our identity, our activities and what TS represents. Next Friday we will start with letter “A”.

trackage scheme's alphabet campaign

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