Trackage Scheme    September 10, 2015

TS’ Electronic Voyage Album

Trackage Scheme’s Electronic Voyage closed off summer 2015 with a bang with non-stop dancing till early hours

This was a truly special event, surely one of our best to date! Major congratulations to all the DJs (Nioxin Vitae, Wayne Richard, Nd Flux, Cain, Serial Depth, Fullster, Darren Borg, Mato & Ben Vincenti) who, in the opinion of many, delivered world-class sets!

Also, kudos to Digital Nature ( for the epic visuals.

And as always, huge respect to all those who attended and created such an energetic and uplifting vibe! You’re awesome 🙂

Next up, we’ll be at Statix Festival 2015 as one of the main sponsors for this local electronic festival. See you there!

Much love,

P.S: Thanks to Daryl Cauchi for capturing the vibe of this event so beautifully (

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