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Forty Days of Rain

Forty Days of Rain are a new alternative rock band which formed in early January of 2014.

The band boasts experienced musicians in its line up. Patrick Harvey, a familiar name on the local acoustic scene takes up lead guitar and backing vocal duties, prolific bassist Jonathan Magri (RiSE) handles the low ends on bass guitar and backing vocals, Matthew Camilleri, formerly of popular bands Uncharted and Eve Ransom on drums, and veteran musician Brendan Jackson, former guitarist and songwriter of Scream Daisy, guitarist and vocalist of the popular alternative band Eve Ransom will once again be taking care of lead vocals and rhythm guitar.

The band is new, but they have high aspirations and are extremely confident in their ability to achieve their goals. In only a few months of rehearsals the band already has 10 original numbers, and performed a guest appearance at the Rookies Marathon in March to a great response, was featured in The KSU Pepsi Campus Fest 2014, participated in the Talbot and Bons Live Music Marathon and is invited to play at the first Malta Tattoo Expo 2014

The future looks bright for Forty Days of Rain, with a variety of events booked and most importantly the release of their debut single ‘Strings left to fray’ set for September 2014. The song is about finding the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. When things are bad, there is always something to cling to, hence the title. The song was recorded and produced by Boris Cezek and Kenny D’Ugo at the newly christened Threesome Studios. It also features the prolific singer Annmarie Mayo on backing vocals.

The band aim to become one of the top bands in Malta in the next few years and through determination and hard work, Forty Days of Rain are well on their way to achieving their goal.


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