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Bass Culture

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Spreading good vibes through the heavy bass lines of dub. We’re a local outfit involved in organising Dub and Bass music events since 2013.

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About Bass Culture

We’re in it for the good vibes, the powerful bass vibrations, the smiles, the energy of the people, the sweet Reggae rhythms, the dance, and the positive message.

We like to think of our events as a communal ritual where beautiful souls come together to dance, connect with each other through the powerful bass lines and listen to the conscious lyrics of Dub in a positive atmosphere.

Dub music echoes a militant call to action that carries a positive message, the spiritual vibes of Reggae and the power of electronic music, all driven by the international phenomenon of sound system culture.

Bass Culture started back in October 2013 and since then we’ve brought to our shores some pretty big names in the Dub scene like Panda Dub (fr), Dub Dynasty (uk), Alpha Steppa (uk), Indica Dubs (uk), Dub Engine (it), Cian Finn (ir), Mayd Hubb (fr), Weeding Dub (fr) & Tiburk (fr).

Our events feature the mighty Island Rockers Sound System – Malta’s first and only Reggae oriented, custom, home-built, sound system, built and run by our soundboy Mark Agius (Earthrocker).

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Bass Culture Crew

Decelis & Miguel are our selectors and hosts. You can expect to hear loads of heavy dub and steppa tunes, anywhere from 140-150 bpm, infused with the influences of reggae, dubstep and jungle.







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