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Carl Lautier

Carl Lautier has no fancy bio outlining the success of his father’s successful drumming career or how he spent most of his childhood in a studio playing around with equipment to emphasize his love for music, none of that. Lautier’s story is simple – he loves music! Growing up in HipHop & Metal cultures and backgrounds, electronic music came at a later age in his life. Carl has been blessed with opportunities of playing at some of the biggest events on the island, and booked by most of the promoters and clubs in Malta and Gozo.

Lautier has met many people through this journey and has shared the stage with some of the greatest artists worldwide. As a DJ, he embraces any opportunity (within reason) that comes his way, being the peak hour sets, the warm ups and even the opening sets. Lautier is mostly playing house and techno gigs, however he has been through most of the electronic music spectrum in all these years. He has also organized a number of events such as perpendicular and The Stomp.

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